As you know, SDJPL love to surprise you …

We are pleased to introduce our new VAJRABHARANA SCHEME, which is a boon to you. This is a scheme designed to benefit our valuable customers. We deem it a pleasure in offering you a valuable scheme, to make you a proud owner of diamond jewellery, made with the highest quality diamonds, graded by experienced hands over 3 generations, based on the 4c’s of IGI (International Gemological Institute) cut, color, clarity & carat. The diamond jewellery brought by us to you is exclusive as it is handmade, which makes it possible to give you the best diamonds in 22ct gold jewellery.

Being a direct manufacturing seller we pass on the benefit of the best quality, the hearts & arrows cut at the lowest price, as we do not have other overheads. To capitalize on the opportunity all you have to do is enroll with us for a 11 monthly advance payments, on completion of your 11 th month of payment you will be entitled to receive a Diamond Jewellery as detailed in the following table.

Advance Payment 11 MonthsTotal Amount PaidValue of Diamond Jewellery Purchase on Maturity
₹ 1,250/- ₹ 13,750/- ₹ 16,300/-
₹ 2,500/- ₹ 27,500/- ₹ 33,000/-
₹ 5,000/- ₹ 55,000/- ₹ 66,800/-
₹ 10,000//- ₹ 1,10,000/- ₹ 1,33,500/-


Thank you for the kind attention you have granted to VAJRABHARANA Scheme. We are looking forward to hear from you soon. For Any other information please feel free to contact us. Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I pay monthly advance payments?

Monthly advance payments should reach SDJPL before the 10 th of every month.
We offer payment options, which include ONLINE PAYMENT Members can make their payment with Credit Card, Debit card or online fund transfer. Credit Card: All Visa Master and American Express Credit Cards are accepted
Debit Card: All Visa, Maestro and Debit Cards are accepted
Online Fund Transfer: You can choose from all major banks in India to transfer money
Offline payments can be made with Cheque or money transfer through Western Union

Can I discontinue from the scheme? What if I discontinue?

Yes! You may discontinue from the scheme, if you discontinue before the end of 7 months, the total advance payments made by you can be utilized to buy diamond jewellery, if you discontinue in 8 th to 11 th month you will be eligible for 45-60% on the benefit accrued as per the table on the date of maturity of the scheme.

What if I don’t pay regularly?

The scheme of advance payments cannot be extended beyond a period of 11 months, as such if you do not pay regularly you will be considered as discontinued at the end of 11 months and as per the FAQ No.2, you will be eligible to buy diamond jewellery.

Will there be GST?

Yes, all levies as per the government rules and regulations will have to be borne by the member at the time of maturity of the scheme.

Will there be making charges and wastage?

Yes, wastage and making charges will vary based on the diamond jewellery you choose to buy.

Can I buy diamond jewellery more than the value of my advance payment?

Yes, you may as you please by paying the difference over the value at the end of the period.

Can I buy gold jewellery?

No. Only diamond jewellery. This scheme is offered to you to facilitate you buy best diamond jewellery at lowest prices.