Swarnatara Jewellery stories

This is one of the most memorable and thrilling memory of my life.
It was our ninth wedding anniversary and as it was a practice by my dear husband, every year he would plan a trip to a new destination to celebrate our anniversary.
As Usual these destinations would be a surprise organized by him and I always looked forward to it.
It was our ninth wedding anniversary and this time it was a trip to Goa.

After a great flight with flowers greeting me at the airport and a room bedecked with candles and flowers at Taj Exotica, the most beautiful, romantic and memorable moment was when at dinner, my husband presented me with a beautiful SDJPL gold and Diamond set. The most endearing thing was that Swarnatara realised the importance of the gift and had all hearts and arrows diamonds on it. (All this amidst flowers cake, candles and the musicians serenading us at the table with their violins) The most touching part was when I opened the set it was a design I had casually shown him on a bill board. So he took the effort to get that custom made for me at SDJPL online as we always purchase from there and are rest assured about the quality and genuiness of the product. It was an elegant piece with green peridot stones and hearts and arrows diamonds with antique gold finish.

One of my most cherished piece (all because of SDJPL) till now and more so because of the amazing memories associated with it.

I was the bride to be and went for jewellery shopping with my father. We visited many stores and after a long time there was one set which I really liked in a particular jewellery store site. But the hitch was it was way beyond our budget as it was a big grand beautiful gold necklace of 150 grams. I liked it so much and at the same time knew it was not in our budget, as there were other sets to buy as well. We contacted the jewelers and asked if they could make a replica of it in less weight but the answer was in negative.

This quite sunk my heart which my father gathered. He nevertheless told me to go ahead with the purchase. I knew it was my Dad’s love for me which made him oversee any budgetry concerns he may have. It was then when a friend suggested we visit the SDJPL online site.

That was a turning point in my life as after that, till date it is only SDJPL. As SDJPL not only designed a better necklace, but also crafted it in less grams of gold without compromising on the grandeur, look and beauty of my necklace.

Since then SDJPL has been the default jewelry store for all my jewellery requirements.